A Century in Yokohama:
Gratitude and Vision Across Generations

100th Anniversary

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Contract concluded

Thanks to your support, the land at Yamashita-cho 133 has been successfully sold.


We have renewed our company website.

We want to be a partner in our customers' lives through real estate

At Tokunaga Real Estate, we are not just a provider of properties.
Our mission is to be a partner-like presence, needed and relied upon at every stage of our customers' lives.

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    Discover ideal rooms, offices, and stores in Yokohama with our expert staff, guiding you to select properties.

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    Homes, business, and investment properties. We hold numerous unlisted properties. We also provide loan consultation.

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    We smoothly sell or purchase any real estate. Trust us even with properties declined by other companies.

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    Our real estate rental management boasts high occupancy rates. Utilize your property effectively for a richer life.

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    We are confident in our consulting capabilities. We lead you to solutions for any and all real estate concerns in a one-stop service.

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