Real Estate Purchase

We purchase real estate in any condition. If you're in a hurry to sell real estate or have circumstances preventing the sale, please consult with us.

Struggling with Real Estate Sales?

Trying to sell but no responses

No responses to real estate sale

Refused by other companies

Real estate sale refused by other companies

Urgent Need for Funds Due to Situations

Need money immediately

Complex situation prevents sale

Complex legal situation prevents real estate sale

Real estate is an important asset that can be sold for substantial cash in times of need. However, while some properties find buyers quickly, others may face challenges in being sold.

We Purchase Even Hard-to-Sell Properties

At Tokunaga Real Estate, we actively purchase properties that are difficult to let go of due to various circumstances. Even if your property is very small, severely dilapidated, or has been rejected by other companies, don't give up and consult with us.

High-Value Purchases Centered in Yokohama

Tokunaga Real Estate, a locally-focused real estate company with a century-long history in Yokohama's Yamashita area, can offer high-value purchases for real estate. This is made possible by our numerous achievements, trust, and the extensive network that stems from these.

Reasons for High-Value Purchases

  • Numerous Existing Clients

    With a wealth of existing client information due to handling various real estate consultations, we can target potential buyers effectively.

  • Confidence in Sales Ability

    With an extensive track record, our company possesses comprehensive data on market prices and similar property transaction values in Yokohama, enabling accurate pricing of properties for sale.

  • Legacy Information Network

    As a real estate business operating in Yokohama for 100 years, we have a rich network among real estate professionals. We also receive information about potential buyers from real estate agents who wish to introduce properties.

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