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Tailoring the Best Sale Plan for Each Seller

Want to sell
as quickly as possible

Want to sell real estate quickly

Want to sell
at the highest price

Want to sell real estate at a high price

Want to sell
without others knowing

Want to sell real estate privately

Every seller has unique circumstances. At Tokunaga Real Estate, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals carefully consider the best sales plan for each seller, promising comprehensive support until the contract is completed.

Professional Legal Support System

Tokunaga Real Estate's property sales are backed by a robust professional legal system. We collaborate with lawyers, judicial scriveners, and land and house surveyors to resolve issues related to debt or property rights. Consultation fees are completely free when you entrust your sale to us.

Specialized Sales Strength
in the Yokohama Area

Tokunaga Real Estate, rooted in Yokohama's Yamashita town for 100 years, is a locally focused real estate company. Our deep connections with the community enable us to conduct unique sales activities.

  • Precise & Accurate Property Valuation

    With our extensive transaction experience, we have a wealth of information on the market price of real estate in Yokohama and prices of similar properties. This allows us to set appropriate prices for the properties we sell.

  • Numerous Existing Customers

    We receive a wide range of real estate inquiries, giving us access to a wealth of existing customer information. This allows us to precisely target people who are looking to buy properties.

  • Established Information Network

    Operating in Yokohama's real estate market for 100 years, we have an extensive network among real estate agents. We also receive information about potential buyers from agents who want to introduce properties to their clients.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

At Tokunaga Real Estate, the sale of real estate is not the end of our relationship. We understand that entrusting us with the sale of such an important asset is akin to entrusting us with a significant part of your life. We offer support beyond the confines of real estate transactions, including consultation on tax declarations post-sale and advice on asset management.

Assured Purchase Guarantee System

If the sale of the property entrusted to us does not materialize within a certain period, we will purchase it at a price previously agreed upon with you.

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