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Real Estate Rental Management

Tokunaga Real Estate is proud of its high occupancy rate in real estate rental management. We handle all the intricate management tasks on behalf of property owners.

Significantly reduce the burden
on owners

Self-management of rental properties has benefits like no management fees.
However, unexpected troubles are inherent in rental property management.
These include tenant issues such as rent arrears and complaints,
and property issues like equipment failures or leaks, requiring constant preparedness.
These can exhaust owners both mentally and physically.
Our company will handle all the tedious management tasks on behalf of the owners.

Tenant Recruitment
Quickly finding tenants to minimize vacancy periods. Our extensive experience helps reduce the risk of vacancies.
Creation of Lease Agreements
We create rental agreements. Comprehensive content and detailed explanations to tenants help prevent issues in advance.
Monthly Rent Collection
We manage the inflow and outflow of rent and maintenance fees, reporting and remitting to the owners. We also handle reconciliation of repair costs.
Lease Renewal
We handle often overlooked renewal tasks, including updating rent guarantees and re-contracting fire insurance.
Negotiation of Repair Costs
At tenant departure, our staff inspects the room and addresses potential disputes over security deposit settlements.
Arranging Interior Contractors
Upon tenant departure, we promptly arrange for renovation and cleaning services, and quickly start recruiting new tenants.
Proposing Added Value
After tenant departure, we propose value-added options like refurbishments and setting rental conditions that can lead to rent increases.
Complaint Handling
We promptly visit the site and sincerely respond to quickly improve the situation.
Dealing with Rent Arrears
To prevent owners from being troubled by arrears, we mandate tenants to join a rent guarantee company at the time of move-in.

Numerous Management Achievements
in the Yokohama Area

Tokunaga Real Estate has a wealth of experience managing numerous properties centered around Yokohama. From individual units in condominiums to entire buildings, parking lots, and commercial properties, we ensure profitability for property owners with appropriate management based on local market trends and demands.

  • Rapid Response Thanks to Local Expertise

    Located in Yamashitacho, Naka Ward, Yokohama, our company rapidly responds to various issues in managed properties thanks to our wide network with local renovation and interior businesses.

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Yokohama Real Estate Trends

    With our thorough knowledge of Yokohama's real estate market, we swiftly adjust rent settings and promotional strategies according to market movements, preventing long-term vacancies and loss of income for owners.

  • Wide Range Rental Management Expertise

    Combining efficient operational know-how from managing low-cost properties and high-quality services in luxury rentals, we can provide rental management tailored to each owner's unique requirements.

Unique expertise for
maintaining a consistently high occupancy rate

Tokunaga Real Estate originated from a company that has been managing its own rental buildings (building leasing business). We pride ourselves on our customer attraction capabilities, honed through years of experience, always maintaining a high occupancy rate. Our properties are not just new and pristine; we also manage older properties and those inconveniently far from stations. Yet, we maintain these numbers through appropriate condition settings based on years of experience and knowledge, strong sales capabilities, and, most importantly, consistent efforts. Owners struggling with vacancies are welcome to consult with us.

Reasons for High Occupancy Rates

  • Appropriate Rent Setting Based on Years of Experience

    Appropriate Rent Setting Based on Years of Experience

    Our deep local knowledge of the Yokohama real estate market and demand enables us to set appropriate rents, preventing long-term vacancies due to pricing errors. For older properties, which tend to have lower rents, we add unique value to prevent rent declines.

  • Listing on Prominent Property Search Sites

    Listing on Prominent Property Search Sites

    We widely list our properties on leading media such as SUUMO, at home, and HOME'S. Our company also has expertise in ensuring top rankings on these platforms. In addition, we promote properties on our own website, in-store, and through introductions to nearby real estate agencies.

  • Maximizing Property Appeal with Professional Photography

    Maximizing Property Appeal with Professional Photography

    In real estate search sites, property photos significantly affect attraction rates. Even good conditions fail to lead to inquiries if the photo impressions are poor. Our specialized photography staff captures the property, maximizing its appeal in photos.

  • Dedicated Representatives for Each Property Offering Personalized Service

    Dedicated Representatives for Each Property Offering Personalized Service

    We assign a dedicated representative for each property. These knowledgeable agents handle everything from inquiries for viewings, rental agreements, post-move-in issues to final move-out inspections, ensuring our tenants can reside comfortably and confidently for the long term.

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