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Making your life richer with the important asset of real estate

We Solve All Your Real Estate Concerns

Tokunaga Real Estate is a specialist in solving real estate concerns.
We guide you to solutions for real estate inheritance, sales, management, rights adjustment,
and other real estate troubles with our one-stop service.

For instance, leave these concerns to us

Want to sell the jointly owned family home, but others don't consent.

Struggling with mortgage payments. Can I continue living here?

Want to sell the leasehold right, but the landlord won't consent.

Own land, unsure whether to sell or utilize it.

How to prevent family disputes over inheritance of real estate?

The aging apartment I own is running at a loss. Should I sell it?

Three Strengths of Real Estate Consulting

Tokunaga Real Estate's 3 Strengths in Consulting
  • Empathetic Listening Skills

    Firstly, we listen carefully and empathetically to our customers. Each customer's real estate concerns are unique. By attentively hearing your story, we accurately understand your needs and situation.

  • Experience-based Proposal Skills

    Tokunaga Real Estate, a century-old company, has sincerely dealt with a variety of real estate cases over the years. This experience allows us to make various proposals tailored to your situation.

  • Collaborative Problem-Solving

    In our 'Tokunaga Building', judicial scriveners, real estate appraisers, and lawyers are stationed. When necessary, we quickly collaborate and guide various real estate issues towards speedy resolution.

Certified Real Estate Consulting Masters On Staff

Certified Real Estate Consulting Master

Real estate consulting, centered on real estate, requires a broad range of knowledge and experience in finance, architecture, taxation, and more, and is not a service that can be provided by just any real estate company.
Tokunaga Real Estate has certified 'Real Estate Consulting Masters' on staff. As real estate professionals, we meet various requests from both individuals and corporations.

What is a Real Estate Consulting Master?
A person who has passed an examination conducted by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Real Estate Distribution Promotion Center, registered by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and recognized by the Center as having a certain level of knowledge and skills in real estate consulting. To take the exam, one needs to have a national qualification such as a 'Licensed Real Estate Broker', 'Real Estate Appraiser', or 'First-Class Architect' and at least five years of practical experience. It is a qualification that can be considered a higher credential than a licensed real estate broker.

Numerous Highly Qualified Staff Members

Qualified Staff

In addition to licensed real estate brokers, our company employs specialized experts such as 'Inheritance Masters' focused on inheritance, 'Financial Planners (FP)' who can advise on life's financial planning, and professionals in rental management, 'Rental Real Estate Management Masters'. These qualified individuals multidimensionally support challenges in real estate consulting.

We Don't Say No

"We Don't Say No"
It's Our Goal

Our company has always set and practiced the goal of not refusing any case, no matter how challenging, finding the best possible solution, and proposing it.
If you have given up or left a matter unresolved because it seemed impossible, please consult us as your last resort for real estate concerns.

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