2. Company Information

Company Information

Tokunaga Real Estate has been conducting real estate business for 100 years in the historic city of Yokohama, in the Yamashita-cho area.
With the full backup of professional legal services, we offer one-stop real estate services.

  • A Centennial Company

    Tokunaga Real Estate has reached its 100th anniversary. With a century of gratitude in our hearts, we aim for greater heights.

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    100th Anniversary
  • Company Overview

    Tokunaga Real Estate Co.,Ltd.'s company overview. Information about member associations, qualified personnel, etc., is provided here.

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    Company Overview
  • A Century of History

    Tokunaga Real Estate Co.,Ltd.'s history. The story of Yokohama and us, started by founder "Esaburo Tokunaga".

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  • Community Contribution

    For the city that nurtured us. Tokunaga Real Estate is actively involved in various activities, hand-in-hand with the local community.

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  • Tokunaga Building Co., Ltd.

    Our partner for now and the future. Our group company, "Tokunaga Building Co., Ltd."

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    Tokunaga Building