The Reasons to Choose Tokunaga Real Estate

Chosen as a partner for homes and lives for 100 continuous years. There are reasons why many customers have chosen us.

Providing Real Estate One-Stop Service

Tokunaga Real Estate centralizes services associated with real estate. Through one single point of contact at Tokunaga Real Estate, you can manage everything related to real estate sales and leasing, legal and procedural support, financial planning, management & maintenance, to professional support.
This eliminates the need for you to communicate with multiple parties, allowing for a smoother real estate transaction process.

Additionally, we can flexibly respond to your evolving needs, whether you wish to rent out your purchased real estate, sell an inherited property, or are considering a leaseback arrangement.

The Team Structure That Produces One-Stop Services

To smoothly conduct real estate transactions and management, the expertise of legal professionals is essential. Tokunaga Real Estate has formed cooperative relationships with various legal professionals and enterprises, executing operations as 'Team Tokunaga'.


Yokohama Area Focused
Abundant Property Information and Established Clients

Tokunaga Real Estate has been operating in the real estate business in Yokohama Yamashita town for over 100 years. Over the years, we have built trust with local customers, financial institutions, and professionals. Our company gathers numerous undisclosed and unlisted property information not yet available to the general public. Of course, properties registered with the Real Estate Information Network System (REINS) are all available for introduction.

Additionally, our company, which provides real estate consulting, receives various inquiries related to real estate. We hold a large number of customer voices at the stage of considering selling or buying, such as "I might sell if there's a buyer" or "I would buy if such a property were available,"
which allows us to introduce clients without spending time on selling activities or property searches.

Supporting Real Estate Transactions in
English and Chinese

Supporting Real Estate Transactions in English and Chinese

Yokohama, a port city, is a leading international city in Japan. Our company, which has long been in the real estate business in such a city, has numerous transaction records with overseas Chinese clients in Chinatown and foreign nationals residing in the Yamate area. Our company eliminates language barriers in real estate transactions, ensuring clear communication and safe, secure transactions, with staff who are native speakers of English and Chinese.