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Neo Corp Yamate Level 3

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1/20 Floor Plan. A large 2LDK exceeding 85 square meters.

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2/20 A vintage-style exterior with tile cladding.

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3/20 The LDK boasts an unobstructed ocean view with no buildings in front. It has a spacious area of 23.5 tatami mats.

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4/20 A wide kitchen that overlooks the living room.

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5/20 The LDK is bright with lighting from two sides.

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6/20 Bathroom

Neo Corp Yamate's picture 7

7/20 A washroom with ample space.

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8/20 A toilet equipped with a Washlet.

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9/20 The room on the west side offers a view of lush greenery.

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10/20 The master bedroom is sufficiently bright with lighting from two sides, including the north side.

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11/20 An entrance with storage space.

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12/20 Balcony

Neo Corp Yamate's picture 13

13/20 The view from the living room includes an ocean view with a view of the Bay Bridge.

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14/20 The view from the living room includes an ocean view with a view of the Bay Bridge.

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15/20 The view from the room on the west side features a lush landscape.

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16/20 Common areas lit by skylights, popular for their indoor corridor design.

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17/20 Entrance

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18/20 A flat parking lot that can accommodate high-roof vehicles, including parking for visitors.

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19/20 Daytime manager. The management system is in good condition.

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20/20 A low-rise vintage mansion towering gracefully in Yamate, Yokohama, a coveted area of the city.

    Yamate-cho, a premier residential area in Yokohama. This low-rise apartment is located in a quiet residential neighborhood. It's a top-floor corner unit with great views, sunlight, and ventilation. From the north-facing Western-style room, you can see the Yokohama Bay Bridge and the ocean.

    Property Details

    Property Name
    Neo Corp Yamate Level 3
    Property Type
    Used Condominium
    36,800,000 JPY
    Land Rights
    Floor Plan

    2 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom

    (LDK 約23.5帖 / 洋室 約9帖 / 洋室 約5.5帖 )



    (バルコニー 13.04㎡ )

    Level 3
    RC (reinforced concrete) 3 Story
    Completion date
    1979 - November(Built 44 years ago)
    159-1 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city, KanagawaMAP
    Access to
    • Minatomirai Line Motomachi-Chukamachi sta. 18 min. walk
    Management Fee
    19,700 JPY / Month
    Repairing Fund
    18,360 JPY / Month
    Management Union

    Public water / Public sewage


    Located on a high ground / Quiet residential area / All-electric home / The highest floor dwelling / Dwelling above the second floor / Corner dwelling / Ocean View / Good view / Good ventilation / Good sunlight / Internet possible / CATV possible

    Parking Space

    Parking lot available

    18,000 JPY / Month

    Bicycle Parking: 500 JPY per month. Motorcycle Parking: 5,000 JPY per month.



    Transaction Type
    • The availability of parking spaces and others is based on information as of November 2023
    • Major renovations completed in 2013
    • Uncovered bicycle parking available free of charge (2 spaces available)

    Around The Property

    About the area around the nearest station "Motomachi-Chukamachi station"

    The area is popular for its proximity to Yokohama's tourist attractions, including Yokohama Chinatown, Motomachi Shopping Street, Yamashita Park, Harbor View Park, and the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery. While it's a place where visitors can experience the sea of Yokohama and its exotic atmosphere, the southern hills of Yamate serve as an educational district. The region boasts both private and public educational institutions. Moreover, since Motomachi-Chukagai Station is a starting station, the chance of getting a seat during commuting hours is a delightful advantage.

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    Neo Corp Yamate Level 3

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    Neo Corp Yamate Level 3
    Neo Corp Yamate Level 3

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