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Yamate-cho 33 House

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 1

1/32 Floor Plan

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 2

2/32 Exterior

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 3

3/32 The room is well-lit and bright due to good sunlight exposure.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 4

4/32 Living room

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 5

5/32 The staircase also has a luxurious and lovely design.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 6

6/32 Hallway

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 7

7/32 A stylish salon room with lighting, kitchen, louvered door storage, and chic interior.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 8

8/32 Large storage spaces are available in all private rooms.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 9

9/32 View from the south-facing room

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 10

10/32 View from the north-facing room

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 11


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 12


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 13


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 14


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 15

15/32 The shape of the windows reflects the owners sense of style.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 16

16/32 There are bay windows as well.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 17

17/32 Washroom

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 18

18/32 Bathroom 1

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 19

19/32 Bathroom 2

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 20

20/32 Toilet

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 21

21/32 The spacious kitchen comes with an oven and dishwasher.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 22

22/32 Includes a refrigerator and microwave.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 23

23/32 Equipped with a washing machine and dryer.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 24

24/32 Lighting fixtures with a design reminiscent of Yokohama ocean.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 25

25/32 Bright and open views are unique to properties on high ground.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 26

26/32 Spacious garden space

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 27


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 28

28/32 A lovely entrance that seems to lift your spirits every time you come home

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 29


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 30


Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 31

31/32 At night, it stands out prominently in Yamate-cho.

Yamate-cho 33 House's picture 32


    This is an RC (reinforced concrete) rental house in the exotic Yamate area, exuding a sense of luxury and prestige. It offers excellent views and good sunlight, with airy bedrooms that ensure a pleasant living environment. The lighting fixtures, reflecting the owner's exquisite taste, are a must-s

    Property Details

    Property Name
    Yamate-cho 33 House
    House for Rent

    850,000 JPY

    Rent: 850,000 JPY / Management Fee: 0 JPY


    3 Months Rent

    Key Money

    1 Month Rent

    Renewal Fee

    1 month of new rent


    3 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom + Salon

    3 Story RC (reinforced concrete) Structure
    Completion date
    1987 - June
    33-5 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city, KanagawaMAP
    Access to
    • JR Keihintohoku-Negishi Line Ishikawacho sta. 6 min. walk
    • Minatomirai Line Motomachi-Chukamachi sta. 12 min. walk
    • Bus stop "Yamate-cho" walking distance 2 min.
    musical instrument negotiation / Foreigner negotiation / Located on a high ground / Quiet residential area / Within 10 minutes walk from the station / Within 3 minutes walk from the bus stop / Separate bathroom and toilet / Designed by the designer / Expat apartments (houses) / Southern window / Good view / Good ventilation / Good sunlight / Refurbishment / 3 stories house

    Parking lot available

    Flat parking lot (with pavement)
    Lightweight vehicles allowed / Compact cars allowed / Midsize cars allowed / Mid-roof vehicles allowed / High-roof vehicles allowed


    Transaction Type
    Contract Type
    Ordinary rental contract
    Contract period
    2 years
    Current Situation
    Move-In Date
    Available now

    Around The Property

    About the area around the nearest station "Ishikawacho station"

    The area around Yokohama's Chinatown, Motomachi Shopping Street, Yamashita Park, Minato-no-Mieru Oka Park, and the Foreigners' Cemetery is a popular destination filled with many of Yokohama's iconic tourist spots. While it offers a picturesque view of Yokohama's seaside and an exotic ambiance, the southern hills of Yamate are known as an educational district. Both private and public educational facilities are well-established here. Furthermore, the JR Negishi Line provides convenient access to major stations within Yokohama, such as Yokohama and Ofuna, and also offers excellent connectivity to Tokyo.

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    Yamate-cho 33 House

    Inquire About This Property

    Yamate-cho 33 House
    Yamate-cho 33 House

    When you call this number, a staff member specializing in English will assist you.


    • If there is a discrepancy between the information on this website and the current status, the current status takes precedence.
    • Upon contract formation, it is necessary to pay a commission fee equivalent to 1.1 month's rent to our company.
    • For the contract, it is mandatory to subscribe to tenant liability insurance and use a guarantee company.
    • The availability of parking spaces may change. Please inquire for the latest information.
    • The surrounding environment is represented as the linear distance from the property to facilities and may differ from actual walking distances.
    • The indicated school district is based on administrative databases and does not guarantee the corresponding school district. For the latest elementary school district information, please check directly with the local authorities.
    • Internet, CATV, and other communication facilities may require separate contracts or usage fees, except for those listed as free.
    • The initial cost amount is approximate. Please contact our representative for the exact amount.
    • Upon the termination of the lease agreement, regardless of the resident's usage and cleaning condition, the tenant will be responsible for cleaning costs (cleaning fee).
    • Expenses related to the maintenance, removal, etc., of facilities not covered by the performance guarantee are the responsibility of the tenant.

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