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Do you entrust the property management Tokunaga real Estate?

Should person often think, "I want to give the rental income to lend a house that is no longer live.". But rent-run, maintenance, etc. of collecting and day-to-day of the building from the recruitment of tenants, it takes something effort. Tokunaga realistic Estate, residents recruitment business on behalf of busy owners, property management business, until the residents of claim correspondence, we will collectively support the rental management.

Boast of residents recruiting business is a high occupancy rate

Occupancy rate of 97% of ability

Occupancy rate of 97% of ability

Tokunaga realistic Estate is a company that has carried out the original lease management of the company building the (rental building industry). (= Ltd. Tokunaga building) many years of experience have harnessed the ability to attract customers is in the proud, the current occupancy rate a whopping 97%! The vacancy rate is only 3%. It is not only a beautiful property dating from shallow. Old property and, there is also inconvenient properties far from the station. However, many years of experience and the appropriate conditions set on the basis of the knowledge, strong sales force, in a steady effort more than anything else, has maintained this only of numbers. Owners of troubled in vacancy, please consult with us Tokunaga realistic Estate.

Our main tenant recruitment related to business

  • 1Appropriate rent assessment, suggestions to the owners
  • 2Information registration and the public to major real estate portal site
  • 3Property information published on its web site
  • 4A wide range of inter-dealer information was taking advantage of the network of contacts of the long-established unique share
  • 5Promotion of the appeal point of each property maximizing
  • 6Aggressive approach to the prospective tenants like

Polite rental agreement agency business

Polite rental agreement agency business

Your edge of the good your tenants

In rental management, that where I am living for a long time in good your tenants will think whether owners common desire. We are in the rental contract, screening of tenants, etc. to explain all of the lease contract documents, etc. in minute detail, it spares no effort in order to prevent trouble after tenants. Owners, so happy with the both of your tenants, and is working with a serious attitude to every single contract business.

Encouraging rent storage management business

Encouraging rent storage management business

Rent arrears of, What would you like to do?

Lease Management is, of course I think that's what is done in order to obtain the rent revenue. However, the reality is that being hard fact most is a rent housing. Be carried out neatly examination on arrival, can not pay the rent lost their jobs in the move, arrears due negligence, such as transfer forget, you may not be payment that had been planned for a variety of reasons. The Company, in addition to performing a reminder to rent delinquent on behalf of the owners, at the time the contract is received your subscription to guarantee company to tenants, to prevent the risk of rent unpaid in advance. In addition, your rent, which will be credited to the Company will be remitted to the owners have a responsibility.

24-hour claim response operations

24-hour claim response operations

Claim correspondence is important is attitude

"Not out of hot water from the tap," "air conditioning is not ignition," "not toilet water flow", and the like, rental management is a very large claim. Even more often if the old property, correspondence of each case is not very hard for the busy owners. In addition, the residence of the trouble is also the events that tend to be emotional for the tenants, correspondence is slow, or the like, not sincerity is felt in the corresponding, could be even be a big claim, depending on the attitude, even in the sensitive issue There you. The Company, tenants of the claim there was case, immediately determine the traveled situation in local, quickly arrange for repair skill in the art to which alliance, we are committed to the early resolution of the problem.

Witness at the time of departure, support business for the next recruitment


Smooth exit procedures

Witness at the time of departure is often trouble was around the restoration, I think I can take many mental burden. We are in advance to give you the room of the check list to the tenants, we have our fill in the interior of the situation at the time of occupancy start. When moving out, by performing a status check of the room on top of the witness is always our employees on the basis of the check list, to prevent trouble at the time of departure in advance. In addition, so as not to waste the time until the next recruitment, tenants from the cancellation notification in writing, along with make your report to the as soon as owners reach HP, for the asking rents and conditions so that it can be re-recruitment make the meeting. At that time, renovation and cleaning, etc., and we will also suggest beneficial value-added for the next recruitment.