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Buying and selling of real estate, apartments and land, to Home, Please entrust Tokunaga real estate of trust and results.

Tokunaga real Estate, based on the wealth of knowledge and experience, we will propose the best plan for your real estate buying and selling. From the consultation of the effective use of land and buildings, looking for property, sales contract, we will comprehensively support to after-sales care.

About Selling

Compared to the purchase or lease of real estate, you do not have so many people to experience the sale.
The sell for how much? Really find a buyer? So as not to lose a hurry from such anxiety, consider the optimal sale plan carefully, you promise all possible measures of support until the contract is complete!

1Consultation of sale

Consultation of sale

Events that led to the sale you would like, we would like to ask the retirement price, etc. of hope sales. With regard to the consultation contents, we have managed to ensure that you do not leak to the outside.

2Assessment and contract

Assessment and contract

Buying and selling experienced our employees, the state of the land and buildings, we propose the sale price based on the trading market or the like of the property location. Since the assessment is free of charge, please feel free to contact us.

3Sale activities

Sale activities

If you have determines the sale price, make the sale activities towards the conclusion of a contract. Listings to-house website, advertisements, flyers, such as registration of the inter-dealer database. There was is to our customers will continue to actively disseminate the echo.

About Buying

Purchase of real estate is the most major purchase in life for most people. In order to find the most suits Listing to yourself, such as your circumstances and lifestyle of Relocation, please contact us with confidence anything.

1Planning and financial planning

Planning and financial planning

Your own funds amount and from loan borrowing availability, to calculate the purchase possible properties. Our company has been resident financial planner, housing, such as loan credits and housing funds for the acquisition gift, it can also consult the various tax systems in residential real estate.



The house chooses convincing, it is important to gather as much information as possible. Of course the property referral from the sales representative, the Internet and information magazine, using, for example, real estate agents between the dedicated tool, your budget, thoroughly looking for a real estate tailored to hope.

3Sales contract

Sales contract

The terms and conditions and negotiations and coordination with the seller like. So that the agreement that is pleasing to both, our sales are we committed. If you have street preliminary review of the loan, after the explanation of important information, to create a purchase and sale agreement to the original buyer like the seller like the agreement, we entered into a real estate sale and purchase agreement.